Laurin Schaub (CH)

Reality as a whole is not composed of things or processes, but of holons. That is, it consists of wholes that are also parts of other wholes, with no upper or lower limit.

Ken Wilber

Inspired by this, Laurin Schaub creates functional porcelain objects with a deconstructive view of materia prima and alchemy. He says: “I am interested in abstract, schematic representations of complex processes. It is impossible for me to grasp the world as a whole, neither conceptually nor formally. So I use an abstract approach to represent the aspect of the simultaneity of connectedness and being separate.”

In his current works, the individual parts of the objects are always visibly separated from one another and reveal their construction. With the help of digital tools and simple ceramic shaping processes, Laurin Schaub has developed a new design language. Which is based on a poetic play with forms, structures and colors and opens up a view with scientific, philosophical and spiritual dimensions.

3. Nov Gallery

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1227 Carouge 
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