Aneta Regel / UK, PL

I am part of the last generation who can vividly remember the post-communist era in Poland and its dramatic end – times of great transition and contrast, which have had a great influence on my life.

My will to expand and push beyond boundaries with a slightly rebellious attitude perhaps comes from those experiences, as well as my insatiable curiosity and aim to explore the limits of my material.

Multiple layers of the same elements are repeatedly dried and re-fired creating dramatically different textures within a single object.

My work tells a story of constant metamorphosis, of conflict and change, while my own memories are also incorporated; memories of post-glacial landscapes of my native Poland as well as themes around the passage of time, displacement, nostalgia for family home, childhood and local legends.

Exposition PCC 2019

24. Usine Kugler

Fonderie Kugler
Rue de la Truite 4
1205 Genève
Site de la Fonderie Kugler

Exposition organisée par Taste Contemporary