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30th September – 6th October 2019

* Halles de la Fonderie

2017/Documentary/22Mins/Color/PAL/16:9/EN+CH Subtitles
Director / Producer / Photographer: Tan Hongyu

Dehua, Fujian province, is an important white porcelain town in China. The traditional Dehua white porcelain is famous for its “white as snow, bright as mirror, thin as paper and sound as clear as water”, and is known as Blanc de Chine in the west.
This documentary starts from the work and life of a ceramist who is a ceramic craftsman and a ceramic teacher. It records that the ceramic workers of Dehua today, following the spirit of openness and inclusiveness, have carried out the study and improvement of traditional skills.

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Documentary screened as part of the Chinese Ceramic Art Project – Switzerland

* Halles de la Fonderie

Av. Cardinal-Mermillod 17-19
1227 Carouge