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3rd October 2019

* Musée ariana

2016/Documentary/38Mins/Color/PAL/16:9/EN+FR Subtitles
Director / Producer / Photographer: TAN Hongyu

Gold bricks were used for floor paving in royal palaces of Ming and Qing dynasties in China, thus a symbol which then epitomized stability and permanence of a feudalist empire.A gold brick cannot be produced without 29 manufacturing procedures which last for a year. The procedures top the earth-turning-into-gold techniques in China’s primitive ceramics. In 2008, Jin Meiquan and Jin Jin, father and son, both the China national inheritors of gold brick production, successfully resumed the ancient techniques which have been lost for more than 100 years.
In recent years, French ceramic artist Jacques Kaufmann has taken gold bricks as raw materials, with the help of high technology, to materialize his artistic concepts. He brings new possibilities for applying the traditional architectural material to other fields.

Documentary screened as part of the 6th IAC DAY

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* Musée Ariana

Multiporpose room (ground floor)
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