Jacques Kaufmann (FR/CH)

MUR | murs
Jacques Kaufmann, architectures céramiques

The Musée Ariana is hosting the exhibition MUR | Murs – Jacques Kaufmann, ceramic architecture. This is the first time that the museum will be extending into the Ariana’s grounds with five architectural and monumental installations whose starting point is essentially brick. From 2nd July, the works of the artist-builder Jacques Kaufmann, will also occupy the museum’s temporary exhibition space.

For over 25 years, internationally-renowned artist and ceramist Jacques Kaufmann (France / Switzerland, 1954) has been creating powerful architectural and monumental installations whose starting point is the brick. Beginning with this element scaled to the human hand, he is installing his projects in the landscape setting of the Ariana’s grounds, introducing new paths, an ephemeral wall between the museum and the UN, a house made of clay and even a bridge that symbolically passes through the museum’s architecture.

After the park, the artist-builder will further develop within the museum a widened essential discourse, spanning the entire history of ceramics right up to contemporary creation. He will present mainly recent works that show the diversity of his research based on the theme of the brick.

The notion of the wall is universal, polysemous and contradictory: permanent or ephemeral, impassable or permeable, tangible or symbolic, the wall is always built by man, paradoxically, both to unite and to exclude. At the heart of international Geneva, in the context of today’s burning political issues, the Musée Ariana is examining this rich topic. This theme and the artworks are sure to provoke reactions and questions and arouse debate.

Guided tour in the presence of the artist:
Sunday 29.09, 11am – 12noon

Exhibition : 17.05-10.11.2019

25. Musée Ariana

Swiss museum for ceramics and glass
Av. de la Paix 10
1202 Genève
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