Jean-Gabriel Cruz (CH)

Intus foras

Shaped under pressure, ripped out from the earth, these roots are organic, bony and visceral. The making process is meant to be simple and direct. The fragments are moulded, punched and spat out by their matrix. They become sculptural matter to develop installations with and where the pedestal is back in play.

Opening: Friday 27.09, 6pm
7.00 pm performance aerial hoop by Marie Mazzone

Guided tour by Claude-Hubert Tatot : Wdneasday 02.10, 6pm -6.30om (in the presence of the artist)

About Jean-Gabriel Cruz

24. Usine Kugler

Salle d’exposition Cheminée Nord
Association Face Nord
Rue de la Truite 4
1205 Genève