The ceramic sculpture of Johan Tahon (Belgium, 1965) is powerful and expressive. Though evolving in an original and individual way, it is rooted first of all in artworks and myths of the past. His figures go straight to the essential, seeking neither to seduce nor to deceive; they express the density and complexity of the human condition. The moulding marks, the punctured holes that introduce a permeability between interior and exterior and the immaculate whitewashed glaze are all characteristic features of an oeuvre that oscillates between rusticity and refinement, between whispering and silence.

The exhibition at the Musée Ariana showcases, with a universal mysticism, monks and albarelli jars, angels and demons, but also our clay brothers and sisters. Passionate about Italian maiolica and Hispano-Moorish ware and a collector himself, Johan Tahon’s sculptures even find their way into the displays of historic faience.

Exhibition : 28.09.2019- 5.04.2020
Opening : Friday 27.09, 6pm

Guided tour in the presence of the artist:
Sunday 29.09, 2pm – 3pm

25. Musée Ariana

Swiss museum for ceramics and glass
Avenue de la Paix 10
1202 Genève
022 418 54 50