Philip Eglin / UK

I feel firmly rooted within a ceramic making tradition, having often taken inspiration from ceramics of the past. Specific references have been made to forms extant within English Medieval pottery, English Delftware, 18th c Staffordshire and Chinese, Blanc de Chine wares.

I continue to explore my ideas through making on a range of scales, employing a combination of hand as well as press-moulding techniques and a layering of surface treatments through multiple firings.

I make small functional vessels at one end through to large figurative, sculptural works at the other with subjects as diverse as football, sex and religion being investigated.

Exposition PCC 2019

24. Usine Kugler

Fonderie Kugler
Rue de la Truite 4
1205 Genève
Site de la Fonderie Kugler

Exposition organisée par Taste Contemporary