Five Cubed

Philip Eglin (GB)
Aneta Regel (PL)
Virginia Leonard (NZ)
Mary O’Malley (US)
Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl (DK)

To mark it’s fifth year as a gallery, Taste Contemporary is proud to present 5cubed; an ambitious exhibition presenting an exciting group of artists working across the fields of Contemporary Ceramics and Textiles.

Since it’s establishment, Taste Contemporary has championed ceramic art, recognising and showcasing the work of both established and emerging artists and building a strong collector market for ceramics in Switzerland and beyond. Over this period the medium of clay has been embraced by the wider art market and is increasingly evident at major art fairs and in contemporary art galleries and now, this same market is showing an increasing interest in textiles. Five cubed presents the work of a select group of international artists working in both mediums. Responding to the industrial setting of La Fonderie Kugler, a former tap foundry in Geneva, it sees a number of distinct artistic voices engage in an exciting dialogue within its gritty interior, presenting strong, bold and ambitious works that reflect the confidence and maturity currently existing within the Contemporary Craft Movement.

Five ceramic artists are placed in dialogue with five equally diverse textile artists. In celebrating the extraordinary world of contemporary ceramics and textiles, Five cubed presents work that is expressive and emotional, playful and satirical, complex and unexpected. It is an opportunity to celebrate their rise to prominence within the art market and an opportunity for Taste Contemporary to celebrate a well-deserved milestone.

Textile : Kari Dyrdal (NO), Ptolemy Mann (US), Laura Angell (GB), Matthew Harris (GB), Michael Brennand Wood (GB)

Opening: Friday 27.09, 6pm
Guided tour: Wednesday 02.10, 6.30pm -7pm

24. Usine Kugler

Fonderie Kugler
Rue de la Truite 4
1205 Genève
Site de la Fonderie Kugler

An exhibition by Taste Contemporary