Guided tour of the exhibition “Bling Bling”?

Thursday 22 September 2022
6 pm – 6.45 pm

19. Musée de Carouge

Alchemy and ceramics have always been very close, both technically and metaphorically. Whilst the practice of alchemy formerly sought to turn lead into gold, nowadays it questions the notions of success, wealth and origin which we attach to precious metals. Bling-Bling? In the framework of this competition, numerous artists have delved into this question, which is also onomatopoeia for the sound produced by the clash of golden necklaces.

Admission is free but there are limited places available Tour in French.
*Registration is compulsory: 022 307 93 80

19. Musée de Carouge

Pl. de Sardaigne
21227 Carouge
022 307 93 80