Ícaro Maiterena (ES)

Ícaro Maiterena’s pieces depict Earth and its expression. Like fossilised poems, they evoke telluric energy and the transmutation of metals, as well as mineral and organic elements. In short, they invoke fire, movement and Life.

Ícaro Maiterena is the winner of the 2022 Officine Saffi Award awarded by the Bruckner Foundation. He will be presenting a short film together with some of his pieces at Halles de la Fonderie.

Exhibition at Les Insolites gallery.

Demonstration by Ícaro Maiterena
Bruckner Foundation – Ceramics Centre

Saturday 24 September, 10 am – 12.30 pm

* Halles de la Fonderie – lieu central

Av. Cardinal-Mermillod 17-19
1227 Carouge
022 300 07 18