Materia, mutations textiles et céramiques

This collective exhibition of ceramic and textile arts, Materia, questions the categories of fine and decorative arts and the distinction often made between them. It opens a dialogue between works from the contemporary scene with those from a pioneering period in the history of applied arts in Switzerland.

With Victor Ausländer, Estelle Bourdet, Laure Gonthier, Christian Gonzenbach, Maya Hottarek, Danielle Jacqui, Jeanne-Odette, Lucie Kohler, Xénia Lucie Laffely, Julie Monot, Katia Zagoritis, Edouard Chapallaz, Aline Favre, Philippe Lambercy, Danielle Jacqui, Estelle Hanania.

Exhibition from 2 September to 18 December 2022

33. La Ferme des Tilleuls

Rue de Lausanne 52
1020 Renens
021 633 03 50