Performance “À Fleur de peau, aime”

Tuesday 20 September
7 pm – 10 pm

*Halles de la Fonderie

In this event, Aline Morvan offers you to experience a suspended time with her, an intimate dialogue with her clay doppelganger, a real-size cast of her body. Accompanied by the acoustic vibrations created by Julie Séromoz, Morvan will wash her clay body. From the repetition of gestures of care and the meeting of water and raw earth, her copy will slowly disappear to become a bed of nourishing earth, which is the ultimate materia prima. The gestures are performed slowly, as if highlighting the importance of touch, of caressing and of softness as prime requirements.

video of the performance

* Halles de la Fonderie

Av. Cardinal-Mermillod 17-19
1227 Carouge