Parcours Céramique Carougeois 2024

International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics

In 2024, the PCC celebrates its 35th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Emilie Fargues, head of the Bruckner Foundation, and Frédéric Bodet, associate curator, have devised a programme on the theme of Writing, Images, Messages. Whether or not ceramics is a vehicle for messages or the message itself, it has become an essential medium of artistic expression over the last decade.

Is this resurgence a reaction to a society being increasingly sucked in by digital immediacy and immateriality ? Or is it the reflection of a powerful and continuing link to a material that, since the dawn of time, has given shape to so many of our everyday objects ? Clay is undoubtedly the medium that most evokes an intimate connection with the reality of the world around us : the soil, the landscape, nature.

Although technically very demanding and restrictive, ceramics is one of the freest vehicles there is. Its plasticity serves the artist’s purpose, while the finishing of the work invites them to let go. It can be used to convey an emotion, a moral or political message, or to express a personal vision or imagination…

Stephanie Marie Roos, guest of honour at the 18th PCC, is interested in the socio-cultural dimension of the individuals depicted in the form of reduced figures, at once strikingly realistic and archetypal, where every detail is significant.

The many exhibitions – as well as lectures, demonstrations, and workshops – will all be contributing in their own way to the theme of this 18th edition. During these nine days of events, the Parcours Céramique Carougeois intends to confirm the universality of ceramics and its power to bring people together, in a convivial atmosphere.