Caroline Andrin (BE/ CH)

“Who are these snakes hissing at your heads?”

Based on this famous alliteration, which suggests a sense of trouble and danger, Caroline Andrin presents a group of recent works. A collection of hybrid objects testifies to a new look at the myths that build us, forming a feminine ode that revisits narratives once constructed by men.

Alongside Medusa, a world of trophies and rhytons moves between snakes and other animals that tell of our human weaknesses, our primal instincts, and our bestiality. Rhytons are cups of ancient origin representing the head of an animal. In these bowls, we can quench our thirst for stories that transform us and reveal the animal part that lies dormant within us.

Stories and processes are intertwined. Ceramics and glass undergo metamorphosis during the firing process, revealing the petrification of a sensual material that gives shape to that which is changeable, enigmatic and impenetrable.

Short film screening and demonstration by Caroline Andrin at the Bruckner Foundation:
Sunday 15 September, 2 pm – 4.30 pm
Free admission, subject to availability.

11. Galerie Marianne Brand

Rue Ancienne 20
1227 Carouge
022 301 34 57