Line Dutoit Choffet (CH)

The lithophanies in Fragiles lueurs evoke an endangered natural world. Using subtle plays of light, ceramist Line Dutoit Choffet invites viewers to experience the slow disappearance of animal and plant species from our regions. It’s a way of campaigning for the preservation of biodiversity and questioning our relationship with living things. Let’s not allow these species to disappear so that we only know them as fossils.

With the second project, Ce qui circule dans mes veines et anime mes nuits (What flows through my veins and animates my nights), the ceramist evokes the skin, a sensitive envelope made up of networks. In her need to reconnect with her body and her emotions, she creates a poetic interplay between the draped forms of a moult, the translucency of porcelain and the graphics of organic lines.

In this way, her creations tell the story of the diversity of life, in the hope that a link with nature will help us to face up to contemporary preoccupations.

Démonstration by Line Dutoit Choffet at the Bruckner Foundation:
Saturday 21 September, 10 am – 12.30 pm
Free admission, subject to availability

12. Le Salon Vert

Rue Ancienne 15
1227 Carouge 
022 300 56 65