Xavier Monsalvatje (ES)

El arte alerta (Alert art)

In his artistic work, Xavier Monsalvatje creates an iconography in which signs and symbols tell a story with a performative message.

Using everyday ceramic materials such as tiles, plates, and vases, he depicts the vertigo caused by dominant human actions that lead us to the ‘worst possible world’.

He centres his pictorial discourse on the fact of inhabiting a world, both natural and social, that is constantly out of balance. His textual, figurative, and metaphorical representations are intended to warn of the acceleration of nature’s rhythms towards catastrophe and the ignorance of politicians.

Throughout his creative work (in which priority is given to ceramics and the use of a traditional technique of cobalt blue decoration), he tries to avoid the banality and transience of messages which, ‘in their excessive media proliferation, control us and shape us as anonymous beings without critical judgement’.

15. Teo Jakob

Pl. de l’Octroi 8
1227 Carouge
022 342 23 23