Estelle Gassmann (CH)

‘My exploration is the meeting of contrasts between materials, processing techniques, structures and images, which I relate to each other in an associative and intuitive way.’

Estelle Gassmann creates three-dimensional vessels and collages to tell stories using ceramics. She is currently exploring the materialisation of the digitally printed image through superimposed layers and a mixture of glaze and porcelain that melts onto the ceramic structures during the firing process, leaving specific patterns in its wake. These processes become narratives as they arise when something flows, folds or stacks, when material is crushed or pushed through something.

The final pieces have an astonishing elegance and fragility that defy the laws of physics. Her creativity matches and resonates with the hybrid, multidisciplinary identity of Stratégies Obliques: an unconventional, experimental, and oblique technique, a search for transformation and otherness that results in strange, organic, dissonating, sometimes disturbing, but beautiful pieces.

Meet the artist:
Sunday 15 September, 11.30 am – 12.30 pm
Free admission, subject to availability.

Exhibition until 13 October

16. Stratégies Obliques

Rue Saint-Joseph 16
1227 Carouge 
022 335 94 95