International ceramics competition of the city of Carouge


Festivities have always been present, in all human societies and at all latitudes, to celebrate happy or unhappy events. Made up of excess, moments of explosion and effervescence in contrast to a daily routine that is often monotonous, they give rhythm to our lives.

Whether collective or private, mundane or popular, ancient or contemporary, the festival has provided many artists with a theme for varied interpretations. Some fifty works analyse, divert or criticise its accessories and the rituals that make it up, and their exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the Musée de Carouge.

Opening and prize-giving ceremony
Saturday 14 September, 10 am – 11 am

Guided tour with Claire Mayet, ceramist and curator of the exhibition
Thursday 19 September, 6 pm – 6.45 pm
Gratuit, sur inscription : 022 307 93 80 ou

Exposition 14.09 – 01.12.2024

18. Musée de Carouge

Musée de Carouge
Pl. de Sardaigne 2
1227 Carouge
022 307 93 80