Donating a matter of heart or reason?

Contributing to a museum’s development takes many forms and motivations, for example by enriching its collections with one or more works, or by financially supporting its activities. And why choose to make a donation? To contribute to the community’s heritage, which will be passed on to future generations, because of their attachment to the institution, or in memory of a loved one to whom the object once belonged. Over the decades, the collections at Musée Ariana have been shaped by the generosity of donors and the loyalty of many patrons. This exhibition is divided into twelve sections, highlighting some of the stories and tales of donations that have shaped the majority of our collections.

To mark the occasion, a new module has been inaugurated in the Accumulation room; its presentation reveals the different ways in which the museum’s collections have been enriched, in line with its acquisition policy.

Exhibition until 2 March 2025

25. Musée Ariana, Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass

Avenue de la Paix 10
1202 Genève
022 418 54 50