Choose. Acquire. Enrich.

Musée Ariana ‘s contemporary collection has evolved considerably in recent years, placing itself increasingly at the crossroads of applied arts, design and contemporary art. 

This exhibition is conceived as a retrospective of works acquired between 2010 and 2024, often in connection with the numerous contemporary exhibitions organized during this period. It is intended to reflect the scientific team’s free, forward-looking approach to the latest developments in Swiss and international ceramics, in order to gain an overview of the development of the artistic scene in this field. This freedom is always conditional on the generosity of a patron, as the museum does not have an acquisition budget. 

Parole reveals the various ways in which this collection has been enriched, in the fields of sculpture, installation and containers. Through its thematic distribution, it bears witness to the obsessions and diversity of current creation. This enrichment, carried out with intuition, gives rise to original links – formal, technical or expressive – with the museum’s older collections.

Curated by Frédéric Paul Bodet

Exhibition until 2 March 2025

25. Musée Ariana, Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass

Avenue de la Paix 10
202 Genève
022 418 54 50