Laurin Schaub (CH)


Winner of the FEMS 2022 Prize, Laurin Schaub presents Sustain, a visual and sound installation. Composed of twenty-four painted containers, it emits long-lasting sounds by setting the material in vibration. Using a transducer placed under each container, the acoustic waves make the ceramic bowls vibrate like the membrane of a loudspeaker. Each bowl or receptacle, because of its size and thickness, produces a unique sound within a chorus whose harmony depends on the potter’s hand.

Laurin Schaub has been working on the acoustic and musical properties of ceramics for several years now. At the crossroads of technology, mechanics, music and craftsmanship, Laurin Schaub’s project also promises to be a tribute to the art of ceramics in all its possible forms. By shaping his clay instruments on a wheel, he draws on his training as a potter and chooses to decorate each piece in a unique way, recalling the ancestral tradition of painted ceramics; finally, by taking an interest in the sound of clay, he suddenly makes tangible the extraordinary change in the nature of the material that is so characteristic of the arts of fire.

With the support of Fondation Sandoz

Opening Thursday 12 September at 6 pm

Yodel-performance concert :
Friday 20 September, 7 pm
Laurin Schaub invites the Tätsch Trio on an eventful journey where the artists mix yodel and the sounds of the installation Sustain.
Christoph Blum: singing, yodel, composition
Laura Moser: singing, yodel, percussion
Johanna Schaub: singing, yodel
Free, without registration

Exhibition from 13 September to 1 December 2024

25. Musée Ariana, Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass

Avenue de la Paix 10
202 Genève
022 418 54 50