PUUL Ceramics x Mara Tschudi (CH)

Mara Tschudi – artist and designer – works primarily with colour, often using coloured paper, composing dynamic structures, rhythms, and surfaces that she transforms into images. Her abstract visual world emerges from an intimate engagement with colour, form, and pattern.

PUUL is a Bernese ceramics label founded by Laurin Schaub. It produces small-scale handmade ceramics created in close collaboration with selected designers and artists.

In collaboration with PUUL Ceramics, Mara’s abstract colour compositions move from 2D to 3D. The collage technique is applied to ceramics as if they were paper. Areas of pure colour placed side by side form patterns. Finely spread coloured clay is lacerated and rearranged to form bowls of various sizes, colours and shapes, each piece unique.

4. Nov Gallery

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