Thibaut Renoulet (FR)

Drawings, traces, signs, writing

Thibaut Renoulet enters the narrative, in volume or on the surface, from the very first gesture he makes. As well as sharing a common subject, his pieces are linked by a plastic vocabulary whose aesthetic is at the service of a ‘raw’ gesture, a ‘naïve’ style of writing, and an immediate approach. His pieces are representatives of an ageless society, the fruit of long deliberations in the studio. They offer us a ceramic prosopopoeia in the form of hybridized figures, forgotten idols and voiceless sibyls.

Each piece is a key chapter in the artist’s creative evolution. In his process, he composes by assembly, like putting together verses in a collection. The pieces seem to be shot through with a kind of agitation, combining a language of forms as anthropomorphic as they are utilitarian. Animated and animistic, Thibaut Renoulet’s work seizes, captures and sometimes overwhelms.

Guided tour by the artist
Sunday 15 September, 2 pm – 3 pm
Free admission, subject to availability..

7. Catherine Schmeer

Rue Ancienne 46
1227 Carouge
022 784 33 13