Short film screening and demonstration by Caroline Andrin

Sunday 15 September
2 pm – 4.30 pm

1- Bruckner Foundation

Caroline Andrin will be premiering the short film Exuvie [from the Latin exuviae: remains].

This presentation will be an opportunity to retrace the project to create ceramic rhytons with the intention of filming a dreamlike narrative. Rhytons are archaic bowls in the shape of an animal’s head that were used in certain rituals in ancient Greece. For Exuvie, it was the Egyptian frescoes in the house where the film was shot (Queens Brussels) that inspired new rhytons made from leather gloves. It’s a question of metamorphosis, through objects where the ambiguity of the material questions their use. The eclectic style of the house has led us on a journey through different spaces and timeframes. Exuvie [from the Latin exuviae: remains] is an allegory in which the protagonists handle animal cups, leading to a rite of transformation in a liberating gesture of emancipation.

During this presentation, Caroline Andrin will talk about the origins of rhytons, and the processes involved in their manufacturing, moulding and metamorphosis, illustrating her remarks with a number of visuals. She will also talk about the making of the film and the wonderful collaborations that made this artistic project possible.

Exuvie [from Latin exuviae: remains]
A short film by Frédéric Choffat, Céline Macherel, Caroline Andrin
Freely inspired by the work of ceramist Caroline Andrin
With Ophélie Mac and Godwin Agos
2k scope/11’/2024
Produced with the support of the Wallonie-Brussels Federation

Caroline Andrin is exhibiting her work at the Galerie Marianne Brand.

Free entry, subject to availability

1. Fondation Bruckner – Centre céramique

Chemin de Grange-Collomb 38
1227 Carouge
022 300 07 18